When it comes to your company benefits program, we believe it's important to implement your company quality benefits and execute your claims to be paid accurately so that yours company can maximize the utilization of your benefits at a lower cost. We help our clients accomplish this with expert advice, resources and tools to identify and target what drives costs and your exposure to risks.

We also take the time to work with you to understand the full scope of your business needs. This allows us to work as an extension of your HR department by providing you with the most effective solutions that save you time and money.

Our areas of expertise includes but are not limited to;

  • Benefit changes
  • Communication Initiatives
  • Compliance Recommendations
  • HR Consulting Services
  • Wellness Programs and Initiatives
  • On-line management
  • Enrollment and billing services


We evaluate and strategically design and mange to help you achieve you goals at every level of your health plan, from gaining greater claim efficiency to reducing wasted costs and working with providers and insurance companies to meet your employees needs.

Evaluation: keeps you up to date with the latest trends in healthcare, so we can develop a plan that is focused on improving key areas of your benefits program

Strategy offering a personalized service model that involves US working one on one with your employees

Plan Design incorporates your strategy and provides a benefit plan that is competitive with the market place.

Implementation and Management evaluates vendors, determines carriers, prepares requests for proposals and negotiates renewals and rolls out wellness initiatives.